Perry Miniatures British 8th Army comparison

I just received a box of the Perry’s 8th Army and due to the numerous discussions on fora about the size, here a picture of them in comparison with another miniatures. They are smaller than other ranges but still usable with 1/48 vehicles.

From left to right: Perry plastic confederate, Perry plastic confederate, Tamiya plastic american, Perry plastic desert rat, Warlord plastic british, Perry plastic War of the Roses. Background: Tamiya 1/48 T-34/76.



Aventine EIR Command WIP

Just adding some sandals to the blog 🙂

I just started some fantastic EIR romans from Aventine. I’m slowly building an army for Hail Caesar but with the posibility to use individual figures for the excellent Saga rules.



British Basing

The basing was done with the popular Silflor tufts (summer and early fall) and the new Silflor static grass (early fall).




The grass is fantastic,  is 2mm long and is a mixture of green and beige fibers which in my opinion looks more natural than the mixtures with red fibers ( the typical one from GW or Army Painter). I discovered it by chance in my local model train shop.

For applying it I used the Noch puffer bottle. Very cheap and excellent results. Silflor is sold under the brand Mininatur in Germany

 2 (1)

 1 (1)

WW2 British in NWE Uniform Painting Guide. Part 1



The subjects of this painting guide are the plastic british infantry from Bolt Action. They are “Work in Progress”. I will publish all the steps until they are finished.I used the following paints:

Vallejo Panzer Aces (VPA)
Vallejo Model Color (VMC)
Vallejo Game Color (VGC)
Citadel (CT)

Previous: Basecoat with Vallejo grey primer

I paint always in several simple steps.

1st. VPA Flesh highlight
2nd CT Fleshshade wash
3rd VPA Flesh highlight (Drybrush)
4th VGC Elf skintone (Very very very light drybrush in nose, knuckles and raised areas)


1st VPA British Tankcrew
2nd CT Earthshade Wash
3rd VPA British Tankcrew (Drybrush)
4th VPA British Tankcrew + VPA British Tankcrew Highlight 50/50 mix (Drybrush)
5th VPA British Tankcrew Highlight (Very very very light drybrush in raised areas)

Belt, Backpack, gaiters,pouches, etc.

1st VPA American Tankcrew
2nd CT Camoshade Wash
3rd VPA American Tankcrew
4th VPA American Tankcrew + VPA American Tankcrew Highlight 50/50 mix
5th VPA American Tankcrew Highlight

Gas Mask Bag

1st VMC Khaki
2nd CT Camoshade Wash
3rd VMC Khaki
4th VMC Khaki + VPA American Tankcrew Highlight 50/50 mix
5th VPA American Tankcrew Highlight


1st VMC Russian Green
2nd CT Camoshade Wash
3rd VMC Russian Green (Drybrush)
4th VPA French Tankcrew (Drybrush)

More to come, stay tuned!

Dragon models, Panther G early 1:72

WIP of this kit. It´s very detailed, however the instructions are horrendous ( a lot of searching on internet for references were to put some pieces), the plastic is relatively soft, and the hull needs a lot of filler to cover seams and holes.

Anyway, the kit has a lot of detail and it´s the only one in 1:72 in plastic, and comes with zimmerit!!.

I think it´s hard to find even on ebay. I need two more to form a squadron for KGN.

Panzer IV H, 4. Kompanie, 21. Panzer Division, Normandy 1944

The model is from Revell and the Scale is 1/72.

It comes without zimmerit so I did it with the 2 component putty “Apoxie Sculpt”.

The colors are Tamiya Dark Yellow and the Camo Tamiya Red Brown and Tamiya Olive Green.

The weathering was done with MIG Dark Wash, several MIG Pigments, and AK interactive Africa Dust effects.

Nice model to start my german 21. Panzer division Kampfgruppe.