Dragon models, Panther G early 1:72

WIP of this kit. It´s very detailed, however the instructions are horrendous ( a lot of searching on internet for references were to put some pieces), the plastic is relatively soft, and the hull needs a lot of filler to cover seams and holes.

Anyway, the kit has a lot of detail and it´s the only one in 1:72 in plastic, and comes with zimmerit!!.

I think it´s hard to find even on ebay. I need two more to form a squadron for KGN.


Panzer IV H, 4. Kompanie, 21. Panzer Division, Normandy 1944

The model is from Revell and the Scale is 1/72.

It comes without zimmerit so I did it with the 2 component putty “Apoxie Sculpt”.

The colors are Tamiya Dark Yellow and the Camo Tamiya Red Brown and Tamiya Olive Green.

The weathering was done with MIG Dark Wash, several MIG Pigments, and AK interactive Africa Dust effects.

Nice model to start my german 21. Panzer division Kampfgruppe.